Thursday, October 14, 2010


I made it a point to look for "your" bench Murt, and was so happy when I finally found it on my second attempt. 

We spent about an hour sitting there enjoying the view and looking at all the beautiful sights.  The sunset was simply gorgeous, dare I say even more gorgeous then our sunsets here on Grand Bahama Island.   Mount Dora is by far one of my most favorite little Towns.  Though beauty abounds, it is the feeling of calm and serenity that comes over me as soon as I pass through Downtown Mount Dora that keeps me wanting to visit every chance I get.

The only down side about visiting the Park at Mount Dora these days is that it invokes anger in me all over again that there still to this day is NO bench with a plaque reading: IN LOVING MEMORY OF CAYLEE MARIE ANTHONY!   That bench should have been there Murt, and the only reason why it is not is because of the spiteful, vindictive and hateful interferrence of Ms. Alexandria Goddard and her fellow cohorts.  

I've earned the right (thanks to Cindy Anthony ordering me to get up off my butt and help find her granddaughter) to keep wondering WHY THE HELL is there still not a bench at that location dedicated to the loving memory of beautiful little Caylee Marie Anthony, especially considering that Mount Dora was for sure the last place she was seen alive, according to verifiable sources.  

My only solace is believing that certainly during little Caylee Marie's visits to see Great-grandma and Great-grandpa she would have had opportunities to play in the kiddies playground, walk on the dock, marvel at the fishes, chase the squirrels, count the different birds, pet the many doggies being walked by their masters and even witness one or two of those gorgeous sunsets.  

In my opinion, there is absolutely NO other place more perfect for little Caylee Marie to be Memorialized but right there on a bench opposite the lighthouse, looking out onto the lake - a place where it is calm, serene and peaceful, yet so full of life -- it indeed is a happy place.

Murt, what a great place for you to have in order to go and spend time thinking of your son John and reminiscing of your time together.  I am so glad that you live so near to Mount Dora Park and can get there within minutes when the mood hits you out of the blue to be with your son.  Such beautiful and peaceful surroundings.  

I've said it many times before Murt, but I'll say it again - THANK YOU for all you did to try and achieve what you and all of us (your sincere followers) wanted for little Caylee Marie.  Your heart and ours was definitely in the right place.   Hopefully someone in little Caylee Marie's family will see fit to dedicate a bench to her Memory, or will allow someone else to do so, right there at Mount Dora Park overlooking Lake Dora.


  1. Thank you Kari for this article.

    My SOLE reason for getting involved in missing children cases was in the hopes that at least one more parent would not have to outlive their child.

    Outliving your child or grandchild is a bitter experience that never goes away.


  2. Thanks for sharing this with us all Kari.It is truly a beautiful thing to do for a loved one... I too was dissapointed when we couldnt get Caylees's bench. We all still have her in out hearts ,hopefully justice will be soon for her. God Bless and peace to all agranny

  3. What a nice peice you wrote Kari. It brought a tear to my eye to think of what could have been. Miss you guys.

  4. Murt, you are indeed very welcome! I was just so thrilled that I was able to find the bench. I felt proud to sit there with my daughters on "your" bench, though I couldn't help but think of you and what you have been through since your son passed away. In my personal opinion, you found the perfect spot to be able to go to in order to sit and reminisce about your lives together. Again Murt, I am truly sorry for your loss.

    Hey, I am getting closer to selling Mount Dora to my husband as our new HOME (even though he has never been there), so don't be surprised if you find yourself having to share "your" bench with us alot in the not too distant future -- fingers & toes crossed here :).

  5. You are very welcome agranny.

    Little Caylee certainly will always be in all of our hearts. Little Caylee's case was only the 2nd case of it's kind that I allowed myself to get so emotionally involved with. The toll that this case, as well as all the other missing/murdered childrens' cases in the news of late, sure can take a toll on ones psyche, for obvious reasons as well as other reasons too.

    Hoping and praying like millions of others, that little Caylee soon receives the Justice she deserves.

  6. Holy Rip MIgrammyof10, the last time I knew you were MIgrammyof8 -- CONGRATULATIONS on the 2 new additions to your family!

    Thanks for stopping by MIgrammyof10 and sorry to have brought a tear to your eye. Two years ago this time, we had some pretty darn fun times in Murt's chatroom (considering) and I so remember how much fun you used to have with your ManyCam features LOL. Miss it all too!

  7. What a beautiful tribute to Murt's son - a child who was taken away too soon. Thank you for the picures! Klowdpop